Worship Bags include book marks for hymnals and Bibles to help our children prepare to read and sing along. Crayons and paper allow children to give the congregation glimpses of what they observe and learn in worship. Bible story books, activity sheets that coordinate with the day’s scripture readings and Bible cards help the young learn Bible stories.

Acolytes are made up of children in grades 3 through 12. They lead worship by bringing the symbolic Light of Christ into our midst as well as leading us out into the world with that same light as we leave.

Liturgists for worship include children and youth – anyone old enough to read who can be seen from behind the pulpit can help lead worship!

A Mission Coin Offering is collected by the children every Sunday in noisy pie tins.  These small gifts collected by our smallest members are great offerings to our God!  The coins have added up to thousands of dollars used for mission outreach in our community and around the world over the years.

Cry Room during worship is available just off the sanctuary where there are books and toys, a changing table, and a rocking chair to calm the little ones.  A window and speaker make it so the adult never misses a thing!  Feel free to ask our greeter about this service.

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